About Us

With unique designs produced using the latest in laser-etching technology, our goal is to provide the highest quality collectible metals at reasonable, fair market prices to enthusiasts, crafters, collectors, and anyone else looking to diversify their metal portfolio. 

All of our products are privately minted in the USA, and because they are mass-produced, they may come with knicks or marks on some of them. This is simply the nature of the copper round manufacturing process however, no matter where you get them. It’s also a result of the very pliable and soft makeup of copper. These products should not be considered “proof”, but rest assured they are brand new and uncirculated. In general you should expect the quality of bullion you receive to be consistent with the photos on our website, which were taken of our actual product and are not stock photos.

Why Buy Copper?
Copper bullion is extremely popular right now, being a very affordable option for both those who want to diversify their precious metals and those who are just getting into precious metals investment. Some are predicting copper to be the next silver. Over the last 5 years it has outperformed both gold, silver, and platinum at an astonishing 390% price increase. Silver went up only 185%, and gold only 150%.