is a 6 coin limited edition series featuring designs inspired by those who are truly concerned about the future and bought by those who are doing something about it. THEME:  Future survival could  depend on actions taken today. The question is not "will the wheels fall off"? but "when the wheels do fall off, how badly off are we off"? No one knows the answers to these questions, however thought leaders and conservative practitioners are preparing for multiple outcomes. Our path is "Safety in Numbers" and the long term practice of preparing now to be ready for a future that could look radically different from the way it is today.  Safety in Numbers - REAL METAL, REAL VALUE. The set is designed and struck by America's oldest private mint which traces its roots back to 1835 when Andrew Jackson was president and there was no such thing as a legal tender banknote.  Indeed, there was no federally backed paper money until 1862.  The lack of faith in privately issued paper banknotes created an opportunity for the production of more secure metal coins. Choosing copper coins as an investment in the future pays off when there’s no power, no access to an ATM and your family needs supplies. Copper, with a lower value and purchase price than gold or silver is the perfect medium for the exchange of small goods.

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